Safety Ammo Storage Cabinet

Ammo Storage Box

Ammo storage cabinet – Order is not a guide, but a set. And it can have major consequences not to follow the rules. For example. Failure may mean that the insurance company does not cover in the event of theft. The probability of the hunting sign of disqualification, the arms law or, in the worst case.

The fuse box must be fitted and in accordance with the regulations. This means that if the cabinet weighs less than 1 tonne, it must be fastened by means of bolts in floor, the wall or the like in at least 4 points. The bolts drilled at least 10 cm in the building part and must be at least 10 mm in diameter. Keep in mind that the cabinet keys must be stored.

So it is important that one’s hunting weapon is stored. The weapons must be stored in a fuse box, which must be approved in accordance with EN1143-1 grade’s rules. Make sure that is also approved in accordance with this European standard.

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