Roll Around Large Bar Cart

Bar Cart Large Wheels

Basic metal file cabinets are the ideal size for a planting wagon. By add wheels on the back and simply removing boxes, you will have transformed the old office records in a rolling large bar cart. It is a functional addition to your garden space whether you choose to grow plants in it or use it as a garden tool cart for houseplants.

Lay the cabinet on its side up. Roll the landscaping fabric on the inside of the back up. Spray an even coat of spray primer to the cabinet. Let the primer dry for at least 4 hours. Apply two coats of spray paint on the cabinet.

Remove drawers from metal filing cabinets. Sand the surface lightly. 1/4-inch hole through the back of the cabinet. Drill holes evenly spaced to create drainage for large bar cart.

Place a block of wood. Customizing a wheel. Power metal screws through the back of the cabinet to the wooden blocks to protect them in place and through the mounting holes in the wheel. The blocks acts as a reinforcement of large bar cart.