Painting Bathroom Countertops For Resurface The Look

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Refreshing the bathroom countertop with painting bathroom countertops may not be the first thing most people think about getting a new style in the bathroom. But that does not mean that it’s not both smart and also relatively quick to do this. There are also no restrictions on color choices. But keep in mind that there are some pitfalls you should be aware of precisely. Because the countertop is exposed too much harder and more varied use than it does for example a painted wall.

For the most part, the bathroom is one of the most important rooms. And precisely why it is a priority for most that the bathroom is a room we enjoy and make us relax. But if this is not the case, what will do you do? To replace the house’s bathroom is a costly affair and not something most of us can afford to do so very frequently. Someone dares to change the style and color by retaining the hull of the bathroom cabinets, and only replacing fronts. While for others, investing in a new worktop can be the change one desires. But if the budget does not entirely extend to a new worktop? It might be good to know that you can have a new look in the kitchen by simply diy bathroom countertop resurfacing.

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How to resurface laminate countertops? The most important thing you do before painting is, according to the expert. First, laminate worktops must be degreased and thoroughly washed before painting. Tip: Sørli recommends products Baron Wash for this purpose. Second, when the countertop is clean, dry and free of particles, you should wear a coat of staple. Sørli recommends a product from Baronesses. Third, finish with a top coat to prepare the laminate plate for paint.

Meanwhile, to paint a worktop in solid wood is no problem to revive. “This can be freshened with either oil or ice cream,” explains Sørli. Or you can choose to give this wood plate color with paint. But Sørli reminds us that we must also be careful about the preparation. “Everything that is contained in grease and stains on the worktop must be removed,” explains the expert. Use for example Liberian Finishing Oil or the water-based edition of Liberian Bloom Kitchens. If you want to wrap the kitchen counter, Sørli recommends after-painters to get even more robust protection against mechanical wear on the worktop.

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