Paint Color Schemes In Different Look

Blue Paint Color Ideas For Dark Rooms

You’re moving? Or, simply, are you looking to give a different look to your house? If so, the first thing you have to think about is what combinations of paint color schemes you will choose. There are color palettes and applications that can help you decide the best color combination for your home. Here we show you some combinations of paint color based on chromatic circle. It will give you some idea to give your house the look it deserves. Now, let’s discuss some of the best interior color combinations of home. Before applying the painting, you must have an idea of ​​what will be the theme with which you will decorate the room you are going to paint. The green color for the exterior walls can be great giving a fresh touch and add vibrant look to your home.

You can paint the house with shades of green, from a yellow to a green bottle as well. The blue is the other color that gives humor and a playful touch to the exterior, the combinations with yellow and white will go great. And why not paint pink? For some it is too feminine, but it looks fresh on the outside walls. There is a great variety in pink tones, from pastel pink to fuchsia pink. Half way down is the coral pink tone, we can be surprised by the result so extravagant. To get away from the cold paint color schemes, we can create a warm and sunny feeling with yellow and gold houses. This color combines great with the brick walls that we can use to complement the yellow walls.

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After deciding the main color of the exterior walls. It is time to decide how the other colors that accompany it will be. There are four types of color palettes that can be consider when painting your house. Combinations of complementary colors, you have to contrast colors that are opposite in the color wheel. In the color wheel, the contrasting colors are facing each other. This gives a cheerful and full of vitality to the house. These colors that are adjacent to the color wheel are use to paint the house. This scheme is a bit difficult to implement successfully, we do not recommend it since the results in reality do not usually look good at all. In this type of paint color schemes, you can use colors that are equidistant from each other, in the color wheel.

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