Mid Century Modern Platform Bed Ideas

Best Mid Century Modern Platform Bed

Mid century modern platform bed – a platform bed is. A platform bed is a place. If your living room is in desperate need of functional place. And think about making such furniture to make your room functional.

Ideas for build mid century modern platform bed.  Cut four 4-by-4 to the length of 6 feet, or whatever height you wish to create your platform bed. You can use a circular saw to make cuts, but make sure that each end is square. Each section will require two passes with a chainsaw. Notch top of each 4-by-4 to accommodate a slice of wood. This set the depth and involves taking a circular saw.

After that to build mid century modern platform bed. Use a framing square as a guide, make a cut -inch mark. Divide the line with your blade and continue to create and continue using Framing Square as a guide. Carve out all the wood between the trimmed with a hammer and a sharp chisel. Do this for all four services. Determine the size of the bed frame. If you have already purchased a mattress, then add 4 inches to each dimension to find out the size of the wooden frame. By way of example, a mattress size 80 by 56 inches will have a frame. We will go with these dimensions.

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