How Wood Counter Stool From A Bar

Awesome Wood Counter Stool

Wood Counter Stool – A typical bar stools are between 30 inches high. A standard sink is 36 inches from the floor. When you try to draw a regular bar stool at the counter, you will only slide about six inches of space for your legs under the counter. This might work for the young children in your family, but will not be comfortable for many adults. A counter height stool is the solution. If you already have a bar height stools his own, trimming the legs so you’re counter.

Optimal what height you want your wood counter stool from a bar. Measure your current stools and subtract that height required. This will provide you the amount of pipe that must be taken in your stool give height. Measure a leg of the chair to the floor according to your measurements. Mark the leg of the chair where it needs to be cut. Measuring stage of the brand to the seat cushion of the chair.

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Keep a piece of scrap wood to the chair leg that is highlighted. Make a mark on the scrap wood that corresponds to this length. Trim the scrap wood counter stool from a bar with the saw. With the help of a guide will avoid measuring errors and the legs of unequal is will hold.

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