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Farmhouse paint colors are and still are a familiar sight in many parts of the country, especially in the Midwest. Farms have been around since the early 19th century and were an important part of life for many families. Today, renovating a farmhouse includes choosing new or historically correct color colors for the interior and exterior of the home. Farms are often like big white houses. But when choosing historically correct color colors, many are surprised that they can also use different shades of yellow, green, blues and reds. Beige bricks can include shades from oatmeal to sackcloth. Tones can vary from yellow or rose to brown or gray. Choose a single shade of brick to cover the whole outside, or choose some shades and pray masonry entrepreneur to combine them in an interesting way. Go trim free to let your home down in the surrounding landscape. For a bold statement, espresso or chocolate trim is ideal. Less intrusive shades, such as butter cream, light pink or bisque will also work well.

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Red is by far the most common brick color and is so synonymous with building materials like “brick” has been customized as a color name denotes a reddish hue. Red brick home was popular in the 18th century New England and Mid-Atlantic where the use of bricks derives from the architectural style of Georgian England. Americans of the period laid the ornamentation of black wooden shutters. Red bricks are both energetic and stabilizing, and blend well into the choice of most landscapes.


Yellow tiles can stand up to the black shutters standard in colonial architecture. It can also be left alone, free of any lists or accents. If you choose to select windows, choose neutral, such as white, leg or beige, or go too high contrast with deep brown or black. Subdued red and oranges can also work well. Paint doors in similar shades like trim. Yellow tiles remind cold, impersonal institutions, but it can be appealing in attractive shades, such as coal or jute. Today’s tile manufacturers include different brown tones within each individual brick. In addition, you can choose three or four brown shades and have them like creating a nuanced look to compete natural stone. Loan accent colors from the natural world. Consider forest green, slate, coffee beans or black for window lining and doors and watch cream or beige tones for more monochromatic appeal.

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