Custom Rolling Storage Ottoman Furniture

Connection Brown Ottoman Storage On Wheels

Rolling storage ottoman – When you make your own furniture, you have an immediate opportunity to add built-in storage for your residence. This could not be easier than making a storage ottoman. An ottoman not only gives a great place to rest feet or store items that you need to keep close but also, with the addition of inexpensive wheels, that have a moving piece of functional furniture.

By choosing a fabric that suits your style, your new storage ottoman ikea fits perfectly into the rest of your existing decor while adding new storage options. Align two of the boards that are square to form a corner and nail in place. Add the next board to start creating a box. Add the fourth board and finish the shape of the box. Set on the nail for the box frame along the sides and the top of the box, not the corners. Where the wheels meet the corners will be.

The wheels can be prevented by misplaced nails from sticking properly. Mount the wheels of the pre-drilled holes in the corners of the storage ottoman square. Screw on the caster wheels so that it does not explode under pressure and movement and secure firmly. In the final box, check out the four 1-inch boards in a square shape, 2 inches away from the huge square’s edges.