Cabinet Paint Colors Tips From The Pros

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Cabinet Paint Colors – Kitchens play an important role in keeping our families healthy. The kitchen is considered an important space in our home. Keeping your kitchen clean and fresh is the key to a happy and healthy family. And when we talk about kitchens, let’s talk about the best features, cupboards. Cabinets determine the appearance of your kitchen. If you have a worn closet and you want to change it, installing a new one can be an expensive choice for you. Instead, you can repeat the cupboard to make it as good as new. A simple paint job can change the entire look of your kitchen and also complete the decor.

Here are some painting tips cabinet paint colors from professionals. Step 1: Remove all doors, shelves, drawers, and hardware from the base cabinet and walls. Clean the surface with clean, soft cloth and mineral spirits. You can also use Tri Sodium Phosphate. Remove all oil stains, dirt, wax, and other stains. Your paint will not function properly on a dirty and oily surface. Step 2: Open the finished surface and even with light sanding. If you have dents or grooves on the surface of your cabinet, use a good wood filler to fill it first. After sanding, clean the sanding dust with a clean cloth.

Step 3: Choose a primer that suits your surface type (metal, laminate or wood). It has a dipped primer to match the color of the top layer, especially for dark and stained surfaces. Apply a stain-blocking primer designed for a shiny surface. For dense wood grain such as cherries, maples from man-made materials, slow drying, oil-based primers work best. And thick oil-based pudding for ash, mahogany, hickory, oak, and other open-grained wood. Apply your primer with a good quality nylon brush. Don’t forget to caulk open seams.

Step 4: After your primer is completely dry, start painting your closet. Start with your door, because one side must dry before you start with the other side. Apply at least two layers of paint. Allow the first layer to dry completely, then a little sand on the painted surface and apply the second layer again. Stir your paint well and pour it into the paint tray before painting. Step 5: After your paint is completely dry, put the door, shelf, drawer back together. Remember the position of each door and shelf. Stay organized. Whether you want to remodel an entire kitchen or just paint a closet, try to consult with your family, and find the color they like. Because the whole family spends time together in the kitchen more than other rooms, sharing decorating ideas will help you create a kitchen atmosphere that is adored by everyone. That’s the article about cabinet paint colors.