Building Mid Century Modern Bookshelf

Bookshelf Mid Century Modern

Slide the planks at the framework, divided because you want your own books to be kept by them. It is possible to use fewer or more boards if it satisfies your needs 15, than advocated. Fasten each board working with a total of four L-braces. Secure them what will the bottom of your boards.

Mid century modern bookshelf are cheap and easy to collect. They are more costly than building your own, and they seem to come at just the perfect size for your own book collection or your room. Building your own not require more time compared to putting a bookcase together kits. Set apart a day with this particular undertaking, which will be within the reach of beginning do it yourselfers.

Sand faces on your wood. Place two long and 2 shorts together?

Assess the distance you desire your mid century modern bookshelf. Choose the height and width. Use your tape measure and a chain saw to cut the boards to match the width.