Blue Wall Paint: Create Different Environments In Each Room!

Beach Themed Wall Art Blue

I followed our advice to use blue wall paint in unexpected ways and create different environments in each room. If we look at the four key themes that make up the 2018 palette. Blue is the prominent color in each of them. It orients every aspect of our lives and, combined with other tonalities, can generate mood changes and feelings, such as tranquility or energy. When we think about our home as the place we share, where we eat, sleep, laugh, cry and celebrate, live and work, the versatility of blue stands out. It can use in subtle ways. Gris Smoke combines very well with other shades of blue and natural wood. You can also use it to contrast with yellow tones and give a touch of vitality.

You can also paint doors or units, such as cupboards, with complementary colors. Or use soft furniture and accessories in the same way to start creating new and unexpected combinations. And, of course, if you’re not convinced to use blue wall paint on a large part of the wall. You can paint details on it, in holes or shelves; that way, you can play with several palettes in a simple but effective way. The structure of each room in your home can be use as a guide to create several zones of color. Railings, stairs and divisions that exist in your space can be places where you can experiment with different shades within the same color scheme. Encourage playing with lines that already exist in the architecture of the place.

Not everything has to be perfect. There are hand-paint motifs and mixtures of irregular tonalities. And made on purpose in walls that add a bit of bold imperfection and achieve an attractive final effect. Blue has different tonalities that comprise almost all the clear tones of blue wall paint.  Sometimes it comes with purple or turquoise brushstrokes. The sky blue has many properties and virtues to take it to the home decoration. Being a color that transmits tranquility, it can be consider an option within the range of neutral colors, perfect for any room in the house. And we can apply it to walls, furniture, accessories and textiles. In the psychology of color, it is associate with inner thought and deep emotions. It is a positive color; it is relate to dreams, fidelity, wisdom and truth. Then it is a color that encourages rest.