Black And Grey Wall Paint

Dark Light Grey Walls

Grey wall paint is classic, elegant colors. Create a room that uses these colors as the main theme is an investment – these colors stand by the times, as opposed to the trendier of-the-moment color choices. If you work with a smaller space, include some secondary colors (shades of white, cream and light blue work well with black and gray) to break up your space. Add intense red and purple if you work with a larger space and want to incorporate some bold colors. Incorporate your black and gray with three walls of coal or pearl gray and a black accent wall. Paint the whole room black makes the room dark, and unless the room is spacious with lots of natural light, it would not work. Another option is to paint all the walls of charcoal and rely on other aspects of space for weaving black in the space.


Cover your old bed sheet in foam and gray fabric. Invest in black furniture, including tables and a chest of drawers. Paint your old chest of drawers black if it is a lighter color, such as white. Renovation of existing furniture cuts costs and gives you extra funds for other items, such as new textiles and artwork. Cover accent chairs or a daybed in black or gray fabric. You can also consider using a patterned fabric with black and gray fabrics, as well as your secondary colors. Look for small furniture in chrome or with metal details.

Art work

Search for black and white newspaper covers and framing them in heavy black or gray frames. Mount these on the walls. Rama texture wallpaper pieces and hang them above the bed in the gallery style set-up. A gallery-style art set-up is a selection of images, shown in a collage style, above a bed or sofa. Mast the distance a gallery-style set-up is the key; Keep the distance between each image consistently and avoid an unwanted messy look.


Make your textiles like carpets, pillows and duvets as well as throw blankets, a part of your black and gray theme. Search for patterns that contain black and gray, as well as solid pops of strong colors, like red, and work them in your bedroom. Choose a regular duvet cover if possible. This can make your bed a focal point, and your patterned pieces can work with the plain duvet cover. Use decorative accessories as a way to get more pink and black into the bedroom. Some possible items include bells, artwork like modern sculptures, bedside tables, shelves and kitchen cabinets. You can paint them either black or pink or both depending on your decorative dimensions for the room.