Best Mid Century Modern Dining Sets

Baxton Studio Mid Century Modern Dining Sets

Mid Century Modern Dining Sets – in the 1950s produced innovative furniture designers who worked using modern shapes and substances to create simple table design that became a home furnishings trend that was huge. These patterns continue to be in demand today; furniture manufacturers produce reissues of the original design and the shopper can find works that are original in vintage stores.

Key shapes of mid century modern dining sets appear simple, flat wooden tops, either oval or round in shape. While large table will have legs that taper towards the floor, often smaller, round tables will have tulip-shaped bases.

Colors in was bright and vivid. New technology made upholstery colors and lighter color . Vibrant chartreuse and light aqua, pink, sea foam green are all common colors in 1950 homes. Consider pairing cherry with a butter yellow or aqua blue. You can go all the way with paint or simply decide to add color hand that is retro at more neutral modern rooms. In the case of a 1950 or 1960 look, wood paneling may be considered by you. But be sure to use wood and keep lighting in mind from looking dated and dark, to keep the space.