Behr Natural Gray Is A Good Base Color

Behr Gray And Blue Living Room Decor

Behr natural gray, light gray, sunday gray, silver gray – gray is the new white. This does not mean that coloring has become easy. There are plenty of shades to choose from. A term to memorize is “greedy”. Gray is a good base color. It binds interior decorations in a quiet way and creates unity. White, black and all the gray shades in between are often called non-colors because they do not assume the primary colors in a color tint circle. They are used more to make the real colors darker or lighter. Similarly, in different tones, gray makes our homes either darker or lighter. You can create completely different feelings depending on which palette of gray you choose. The colorless ideal has dominated home decor ever since the beginning of the 21st century.

For a long time, it was mostly white in various broken hot shades like stockholm white and eggshell white. Then came the cappuchino and the latteyans. Now, “greige” is a term. This means beige and gray in combination so that the experience gets hot gray, but colder than beige. The colorless interior design does not mean coloring is simple. Perhaps, on the contrary, it is more petnoga with shades, surface finish and texture than it has been before. Together with thoughtful details, like painting elements, table shelves and even some furniture in the same color as the walls, environments that are styled feel modern. Many choose behr natural gray that takes a little bit of blue or green. Really matte colors are in. Even the lists and sockets are matte, although it is more practical to choose a color with a little shine to be able to dry.

I usually recommend a semi-matt or half-shiny color of carpentry. Just decorating with behr natural gray can be sad, but it does not have to be. There is a new generation of decorative colors that make it gray living and flirting with the industrial trend. It is possible to paint a concrete wall, stone wall or lime concrete, and the result will be surprisingly similar to the original. New are also metallic bullets that provide a shimmering contrast to the matte surfaces. A gray base is the perfect foundation for highlighting colorful fabrics and textiles. A tip is also to paint with rust paint to reinforce or add a ruff industrilook. Even natural materials such as wood and leather fit well in the gray spaces.