Baraonda Led Bar Table

Bar Table Legs Led

The baraonda led bar table has many accessories that will permit us to form a bar of the complete. Such us: module to make cocktails, shelves for the work table, sliding door for the worktable, wheel, remote control.

The baraonda led is. It has led lights that let the color of the bar in a single color. Or give it by making it originality change colors. The baraonda led has a storage space in the bar about 30 cm.

The Baraonda led bar table fits perfectly together with the Baraonda corner. So, creating a bar. The modules that are attached the wave’s visual effect is striking. The baraonda led has as an attachment an inner work table. So that the bartenders can work. This work table is lower than the Baronda so it will not be seen from the outside of the bar. There are two sizes of work table 30cm wide or 57cm wide.