Attractive Mid Century Modern Leather Sofa

Blue Leather Mid Century Modern Sofa

Room with mid century modern leather sofa with long legs to spacious sense in middle of century. Insert coffee tables and end tables cylindrical. Install modern, mirrored light fixtures in flying saucers and hourglass, Sputniks, globes. Investing in mid-century seats like Eames-style curved plywood seats, leather and chrome Barcelona seats or George Nelson Coconut Chair. Choose furniture and prevent excessive decorations.

If you’d like a room, bring in drapes, a simple, soothing area rug along with accents. Splashes of color will help you to make an art deco look. Bright red pillows, an item of mid-century modern art on walls and a carpet will put all art deco stage.

Mid century modern leather sofa – Mid-century architecture, reflected in houses built between 1970 and 1945, introduced spaces and design live in a age of Cape Cods, four-squares and bungalows. Where homes featured crown moldings and windows, houses midcentury decorative trimming prevented walls of windows and ceilings. Let mid-century design inspire you to decorate your house in a style.