Appealing Bedroom Paint Colors In This Year

2018 Color Trends Home

Let’s talk about bedroom paint colors! The color completely bathes the most inspiring bedrooms transforming this space into an authentic sanctuary. Color is a fundamental element in an interior design. Without interior design, it would not make sense. And although there are some advocates of absolute white. The truth is that most bet to incorporate touches of color in the decoration of any space. In the space dedicated to rest and relaxation there is also room for color in all its facets. Because the positive influence of some colors in the mood is already demonstrated more than enough. Today we look for inspiration in bedrooms where color is the protagonist of its walls. Although at the beginning of the year Pantone announced Ultra Violet as the color of the year. There are many more tones that will mark a trend during the following seasons.

And there are colors for all tastes, and more when we talk about painting the walls of our home. In bedroom paint colors ideas this year pastel colors predominate, such as blue, mauve or mint green, and at the other end we find much more powerful shades such as orange, forest green or oil blue. In both cases the combinations are endless. For the most vibrant colors it is advisable to choose to paint a single wall, half or combine it with a complementary color in a lighter shade . If we highlight the wall of the headboard we will attract all the attention to that area in such a way that the color will be the real protagonist. In many cases even the headboard can be dispensed with.

In the case of pastel colors, the most appropriate solution is to apply it on all the walls of bedroom paint colors and look for a decoration in similar tones to look for a certain harmony. Worse if you like the most eclectic and risky interiors are perfectly combinable with more risky colors or patterned textiles. It is important to find a color that matches our personality and the decoration of our bedroom looking to act in a positive way in our mood. According to the psychology of color, soft pink soothes, but intense pink excites. Now, the style that distills is undeniable. Cool, sexy and chic. And how do we manage to calm him down to rest? With a matte finish, a headboard in a calming gray and a bedding in a rose of lower “decibels”.